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    gumfriend dispesner

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    Not worry sweaty & dirty hands

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Change People’s Habit of Accessing Gum Mints Candies

Every day, hundreds of millions people chew gums, enjoy mints and candies in the world. However the way of packaging and the way to put them into mouth haven’t been changed dozens years, it is boring and out of style and people feel dull and monotonous.

Gumfriend uses a thumb-pushed slider to dispense one piece of gum or one or two pieces of mints candies at one time. One hand operates, unclean hands not touch gums, mints candies any more, compare with the traditional way accessing them, it is attractive, clean, convenient, green (refillable) and money-saving. Gumfriend was especially designed to be used with popular gum and small candies, such as M&Ms, Skittles, Eclipse, Dentyne, Trident White, Extra, Orbit, Icebreaker mints, and more. It also can used for medicine pill. (Patent Pending)



Attractive, Hygienic, Convenient, Eco-friendly, Money saving
1. Attractive

     GumFriend Dispenser looks cool and stylish, choose from six colors: yellow, green, blue, white, pink, purple or clear. It is refillable, One dispenser can hold 12 to 14 pieces of gums or about 24 pieces of mints and candies at once. It’s perfect for many brands of gum, mints and candies.

2. Clean

      With the GumFriend, one hand operates and hands do not touch gum, mints and candies. Don’t worry about your dirty and sweaty hands any more, just push slider and enjoy.

3. Convenient 

      One hand operates, while you are on your mobile device, biking, driving, shopping, just push slider, It’s easy to treat yourself.

In the cold weather, without the hassle of taking off your gloves, push slider and get your favourite gums, mints candies.

4. Eco-friendly

      Every year, billions of gum packages are thrown away. They pollute the environment and create tons of needless waste.  Gumfriend is made from BPA free plastic, it is refillable, helps save our environment and our future!

5. Money saving

       Gumfriend can be refilled hundreds of times allowing you to buy the bottle, bag packages, helping you save money.


GumFriend Dispenser Perfects for :

 Eclipse, Dentyne, Trident white, Extra, Orbit, 5, Juice Fruit Gums
 Icebreakers, Eclipse, Altoids Mints
Skittles, M&M Chocolate, Smart Candies.

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